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About Us

We love you, regardless.

Welcome to Red Tent, a sacred space for women and the awakening masculine to come together in healing, gratitude, and celebration. Our commitment to each other is to show up raw, vulnerable, and authentic, taking responsibility for how we show up in the world. We believe in positive, reciprocal energy exchange rooted in love and kindness, and we are excited to share our wisdom and learn from you on this journey of the human experience.


Our Story

What started as a need for a "girl's trip" has now turned into hundred of retreat guests over the last few years healing deep core wounds, sharing late night laughs + tears, eating numerous deliciously prepared meals + desserts, sharing countless level up experiences and many, in fact thousands of, shriveled hot tub fingers + toes together.


The truth is, this all started as a deep desire for feminine connection after the loss of many relationships in 2020, and specifically my closest female relationships. It isn't unlikely to discover differences in our beliefs + values within relationships as we mature, but 2020 gave us all a unique opportunity to realign ourselves truly to our own and that created many changes for relationships across the board. Within that, Red Tent was born. Like-minded women devoted to self growth and empowerment striving not only to be better but to provide something more- to share their gifts with one another but to also support each other in very authentic and very raw human experience.

Red Tent now hosts, co-creates and consults retreats and experiences all over Utah and neighboring states The designation of The League of Queens + The Court of Kings is assigned to Members of Red Tent Collective that are committed to a year of hosting, facilitating, supporting, advocating for and participating in retreats and experiences that align with their schedule and purposeful path. The members include and are not limited to; All styles of artists, photographers creators and yoga instructors, breathwork practitioners and thee best sound facilitators, devoted teachers of Astrology, Human Design and The Gene Keys. Also including Certified Life, Business and Intimacy Coaches, Therapists, Medicine Guides and RN’s.

Meet The Team

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