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Sacred Reflections


As I fondly and warmly reflect on Sacred, a gentle "Mmm…" comes to mind. This soft, soulful murmur echoed as an acknowledgement while each sister vulnerably shared her truths in circle.

Mirrored moments of belonging, knowing and heartfelt understanding begin to surface. A wave of inner knowing confirms that despite any resistance and insecurities about being there, I was exactly where I needed to be: out of my comfort zone and creating a new one.

Mmm… I place a hand over my heart, sway back and forth and I am transported back to that time and space…

In a dimly lit room, sweet, cleansing Palo Santo fills the air and our lungs. We gather, surrounded in circle by twenty women, Sacred sisters. All on the same path of seeking, healing and connection, who chose to be together at this exact moment in time.

Before the ting of the tingshas rings, chatter, laughter and pure joy reverberate through the space. Warm hugs and introductory conversations are had. Moments of inner child play and silliness buffered the deep, soul-searching classes and workshops.

In circle, we breathe and move in unison. We share and reflect. We each shed layers of ourselves while simultaneously growing a thicker skin. We hold one another, embrace without having to speak because the warm, genuine hug is more than words can convey.

“Mmmm…” So good. So so good.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Moments in circle were so potent and powerful, yet there were just as many memorable moments out of circle. Whether it was just a passing hello in the hallway, a break of fresh air on the Star Deck or the lively dinners when we overran the Rock Garden, joked with the staff and made it our own! The echo of laughter in the canyon as our giddiness grew when we discovered geodes which diverted us from our original hike. Soaking in the hot tub with steam rising as the garage door was rolled up, allowing a brisk breeze to flow through, balancing our body heat. Our pictures in a heart shape on the wall and first dinner together. Wow, I am overwhelmed with nostalgia and gratitude for all of these moments and the more that lay in my subconscious, undisturbed for now.


I am socially, physically, energetically and emotionally exhausted… in all of the best ways.


I am here. I am changed. I am seen. I am held. I am accepted.


"This devotional practice we are in - to healing the fractured lineage of gathering women and creating a new, matriarchal-honoring way of doing it - it's not always pretty."

- Becca Piastrelli

This quote reminded me of two things: the gravity of saying 'yes' to healing the feminine wound of gathering - we are breaking through centuries of societal, gender and generational patterns and that is where the resistance lies; and the work is challenging for all who choose to tread this path.

I was there, I showed up. And that's what matters. It wasn't easy, but wow, am I ever so glad I did! The growth and shifts have been monumental. One thing that has been settling in is that we all showed up as our various selves, archetypes we embodied, e-motions, energy-in-motion that may have taken the driver's seat. And it's all okay. That's what this life and the work is about. I know I will keep feeling the resistance of growing out of my comfort zone, and I am ready.


We would not have been able to share these Sacred moments of transformation and expansion if it weren't for the vision and drive of our one brave sister. She said "yes" to her mission, her devotion. The one who is not only so dear to me, but to honestly everyone she comes into contact with. To know her is to love her.

Thank you Bonnie, for committing to your devotion, for holding space in the magical way you do so that we may grow and heal. You are truly golden! And I know I tell you this often, but thank you for seeing in me that which I do not yet see in myself. You are a catalyst and inspiration for so many and I am so truly blessed and honored to be on this journey with you, my moon sis!


To my Sacred Sisters:

I see us. I see you. I see me. Dressed in shining armor, golden shimmering white light surrounds us as we walk a golden path, side by side. The twenty of us. Forever bonded by those deeply cherished moments. Thank you for showing up in all your courage, authenticity and vulnerability. Biggg hugs to you beautiful, magical souls!


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