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Updated: Mar 26

Not me writing a blog post at 4:44am...

I woke up this morning around 3am and I had this alarming realization that Shift is only a few days away. Haven't heard much about it? Weird. It couldn't be because I haven't had the capacity to do much work lately... I swear, ever since everything went down with trying to purchase Vitalize and make a home at that studio, I can't get back into the swing of things. And until yesterday, I hadn't really had the motivation to put anything on the calendar long term. However, I will say that the experiences that I have held since deciding to leave the studio back in the Spring have been pretty damn potent.

I'll be honest with you guys, the craziness that has been my life experience this last year would be enough to take someone completely out, but has also been the fuel for those very potent classes. Silver Lining...

Recently, when asked how I am feeling, if I don't respond with "average", "below average" or "better than yesterday", I have been using words like: broken, shattered, numb, accepting, unbending, stubborn and uncompromising. To some, (most likely all), these words carry a certain resonance and you guessed it, I am also one of many trying to figure out W in T actual F is going on in my relationship! Ugggghhh. AND it has definitely been all consuming, as it should be, when you love someone deeply, you have a life, a family, goals, dreams, time invested, a perfect house, in the perfect neighborhood, a business and so on and so on...

But sitting here, it finally hit me WHY I haven't been able to market this upcoming weekend retreat... because I don't need an effin retreat... or an escape... I need a super safe container right now... I need a space where I can share deeply authentic and real things about what is happening present time in my life. I need a space to heal, and I need my people. WE ALL DO! So I am literally SHIFTING this weekend real time.

This is a personal invite. I want you to come to Bear Lake this weekend. If you have been to past experiences with me, you know I am headed towards a full donation style retreat- be that money or trade work. So fuck it, let's make this weekend exactly that.

Full disclosure, that means either:

🌀 The COST person for this entire weekend is only $155. That is it. If everyone coming paid that amount, we would break even. My proposal to you, come this weekend. Literally any time Wednesday-Monday. Cook, clean, share, offer, participate and then after- monetarily contribute what you can and what you feel is fair. And the vision is, anything above and beyond that $155 will go first toward sponsorship of those that need this experience but are experiencing financial hardship, and then after it would go towards paying the hosts of the experience, future experiences, additional sponsorships or community outreach and eventually our space! (It is coming... I can feel it.) So that means, full shift, RIGHT NOW, into the full vision. If you can come, come. I trust the financial element will work out either way.

🌀 And, If you can't come, consider sponsorship or donating to Red Tent. Myself and these incredibly devoted humans connected to me are out here doing our very best daily to shift the consciousness on this little tiny space on the planet. We need financial support and I am learning that there are people willing to support small businesses and humans like us that are truly dedicated to our work of healing and creating spaces for others healing to happen.

♾️ If you are coming and you know someone who would fit in this container, please extend this offer to them as a private invite. Let's keep this one intimate. Also, please register asap.

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